Lightmoor Village Primary School

Lightmoor School Day

Daily Routine 2018/19




The side gate is unlocked for children to come into the playground and into their classrooms, via their classroom doors. Each room has its own cloakroom, so all belongings should be brought into the class at the beginning of the day. Parents of younger children may wish to bring them to the classroom door or if you would like a quick word with the class teacher, this is a good time. We ask that all parents vacate the premises by 8:50, when lessons begin. Appointments with teachers or the Head, to discuss any issues at greater length, need to be booked through our administrator.  To arrange a mutually convenient time, you will need to go around to the main entrance and not through the school via the classroom.


A bell rings to signal the start of lessons.


Key Stage 2 Assembly


KS1 Interventions and handwriting

9.15am - 10am 

Whole School Maths

10am - 10.20am 

KS1 Break time - We have a fruit-only policy at break time. Fruit is provided for years Reception to 2 by the council. Children in Key Stage Two may eat fruit brought from home at break times.

KS2 Interventions and Handwriting.

10.20am - 10.40am

KS1 Assembly / KS2 Break time

10.40am - 11.50am 

English and Read, Write Inc Sessions whole school.

11:50am - 12.45pm

Key Stage 1 Lunch All KS1 children will receive a free school meal daily.  Lunch money should go into the class dinner money box in a named envelope, the box is sent to the cook who will update the cashless till card for your child. You may wish to pay on a day-by-day basis, or pay a larger amount to build up ’credit’ on the account.   You can also pay online. (ask at the office) Each meal costs £2.30. You may prefer to provide a healthy, balanced packed lunch. In this case, please note we do not allow sweets or chocolate bars; this is included in the home-school agreement.

11.50am - 12.20pm

KS2 2nd Intervention and Guided Reading

12.20pm - 1:15pm

Key Stage 2 Lunch  

12.45pm - 1.15pm

 KS1 2nd Intervention


Whole school spelling session in class.

3.10pm KS1 / 3:15pm KS2 

The side gates are opened and parents can walk to classroom doors.  Please note that if a child in year 5 or 6 is to walk home unsupervised, then we must be informed in writing for child protection reasons.