Lightmoor Village Primary School

Our Vision


“Growing Together”


At Lightmoor Village Primary School we aim to ensure that every child within school is able to look after themselves and others and knows how to keep safe. It is our hope that all children recognise that staff within the school setting can be approached and that they will work hard to ensure every child feels safe. It is our role to support in preparing children for life in modern Britain by equipping them with life skills to protect themselves and approach adults with concerns.


We recognise that the world, and our understanding of it, is rapidly developing and believe that the curriculum should be flexible and adaptable to ensure that the skills our children develop can be applied to new and relevant learning thoughout their lives, enabling them to embrace new technologies and challenges.  Our skills based curriculum will provide inspirational contexts, ensuring children’s interests and talents are at the heart of their learning journey.


We will offer an understanding and enjoyment of the world, with its diversity and richness in physical, social and imaginative forms; empowering them with social and emotional skills. We will provide a safe learning environment, where pupils feel secure, valued and confident to fulfil their potential.


We aim to cater for a child’s individual needs, interests, talents and abilities and these will be developed throughout a broad and varied curriculum, to enable them to reach their full potential. Our aim is that the ethos behind the Early Years Foundation Stage Curriculum should be continued throughout a child’s education at Lightmoor Village Primary School. We believe a child-centred, fully immersive curriculum will enable all children to develop as independent, resilient learners throughout their time at our school and beyond.


We hope that the positive attitudes and high standards learnt during their time with us  will help develop important aspects of each child’s character. The curriculum will support the traditional values of fellowship, responsibility and consideration of others regardless of race, religion, gender, ability and/or socio-economic factors.


We work in partnership with Bournville Village Trust to enhance and develop our service of the community. The school is at the heart of the community and we aim to use and develop the skills, talents and experiences they have for the benefit of our learners. We recognise the important role that our parents play as our pupils’ first and most enduring educators and we value the contributions they make.