Lightmoor Village Primary School




We recognise the value and importance of assembly times in order to develop the school’s sense of community, empathy and togetherness. As well as providing time to gather, reflect, share and create together as a school, assembly times are used to celebrate the achievements of our pupils and wider school community.

The whole school gathers for assembly on Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday and Friday. Assembly time on Wednesday is dedicated to singing; an invaluable and community-building activity that can be rehearsed, enjoyed and performed.

Friday’s assembly is a special event in our school, which is anticipated throughout the week. The ‘Celebration Assembly’ affords class teachers the opportunity to nominate and award the ‘Learning Leaf’ and ‘Lightmoor Leaf’; recognition for effort and progress in both academic and social/emotional development during the week or recent past.

Assembly times are also utilised to acknowledge milestones in the year; special days or events, notable religious or cultural occasions, charitable events, topical events that may be ‘in the news’ and so on. On regular occasions, parents, carers and friends of the school are invited to join in assembly time, to gather and share in our pupils’ learning journey with us.
New for 2016/17, classes will be leading their own assemblies where parents are invited to come along. There will be various topics and themes adopted by each class as we work our way through the school, giving each year group the chance to include their parents/carers/family members.
For more information on dates times of the class led assemblies, please take a look at our newsletters.