Lightmoor Village Primary School

Breakfast Club

The primary purpose of the breakfast club is to support families and their children.


Getting a Place

Parents can request a place for their child by completing a registration and booking form (available from downloads or the school office). Spaces are given to parents on a first come first served basis. A place is only guaranteed once payment has been made. The costs are:

Daily rates: £4.00 from 7.30am / £2.00 from 8.15am per child

Sibling discount: £3.00 from 7.30am / £1.00 from 8.15am per child

The weekly costs are payable in advance payable to ‘Lightmoor Village Primary School’ via Parent Pay or by cash/cheque, to the breakfast club staff.


The Menu

Fresh fruit juice and fruit, toast & cereal (served with fresh milk).


The Staff

There are two members on staff on duty every day.


The model of practice

As stated, we are trying to encourage a family atmosphere. We believe this is best done with a degree of self-help, so children are involved in setting the tables, helping to serve (safety first of course), clearing up and washing the dishes.



We expect the same level of commitment to behaviour in breakfast club as we do in school. 



We expect children’s attendance to be regular. Parents who are sending children by their own request may choose to send children on specified days only but this needs to be arranged by agreement and in advance. 24 hours notice is required for non-regular attendance or any non-attendances.


June 2020