Lightmoor Village Primary School

Class 1


Mr Walne Class 2020-21


Autumn 1

In year one we are learning through the topic of Superheroes this first half term and we are having blast!

Our focus texts are Superworm by Julia Donaldson and Axel Scheffler and Supertato written by Sue Hendra.



In English we have been writing letters and cards to our favourite characters and are planning on making our own wanted posters to help to try and catch the mysterious evil pea!

We are lucky in year one at Lightmoor that we can choose inside and outside and develop our own learning independently in our classroom areas. We have design sheets in our messy areas and story mapping sheets in our small world and reading areas. We also have our own cooker and trolley which will be coming after half term.

In phonics (Read write inc) we have been revising set 2 sounds and are now after 2 weeks getting ready to move onto set 3 sounds and splits.

As well as English, Maths, PE and Science, this half term we are focussing on Art and DT, Geography and Computing.

In Geography we have found the UK on a globe and a world map and placed a sticker of Superworm to show where he lives. We are also looking at where the other countries are in the map of the UK and beginning to name some of the continents to help us on our superhero quests.

In Art, we have been colour mixing, recreating some of the art work from the book Superworm and have experimented using thick and thin paint brushes.


Our DT projects this half term are to design and make our own Supertato’s and to make our own superhero capes.


In computing, we are learning about special instructions that we give computers called algorithms. So far, we have programmed each other to move and even started to use some of the apps on the ipads like ‘Alex’ to programme. Over the next few weeks we are going to do some work on the Beebots, planning ‘Superbees’ route to stop the bank being robbed! Fingers crossed he saves the day!


Autumn 2

Kings, Queens and Castles

We are hoping to have our first class trip during this half term and get the opportunity to visit a local castle.

Our focus subjects this half term (as well as English, Maths, PE and Science) will be; History,
RE and Music.

History will focus on looking at buildings and how they have changed over time. Our visit to the castle will help us to explore this.


In RE we will look at harvest to begin with and then as we get closer to Christmas, we will look at the Christian celebration of Christmas including churches, how and why it is celebrated. We are also hoping to learn some Christmas songs/carols!


We will be reading Zog as our class text as well as George and the Dragon by Christ Wormell and Non- Fiction books about castles, kings and queens

There will be opportunities for children to plan and cook during this half term which is very exciting. We will also be further developing our outside area and hoping to have a work bench by spring.