Lightmoor Village Primary School

Summer 1

Oh we do like to do beside the seaside


Welcome back everyone, I hope you’ve had a lovely Easter. 

This half term we will be focusing on the topic ‘Oh we do like to be beside the seaside’ where we will be looking at The Lighthouse Keeper’s Lunch and Tiddler in English. We will be working on applying all the skills we’ve been learning in Year One. 

This half term we will also be preparing for the Phonics Screening Check thought lots of practice reading real and alien words. 

In maths we will be continuing to follow White Rose where we will be looking at basic multiplication and division and fractions.

In Art and DT will are lucky enough to have the opportunity to go to forest school. In Art we will be looking at sculptures and art in nature. First school will give us the opportunity to create our own art in nature. For DT our focus is joining and reinforcing using glue and tape. To explore this we will be conducting a range of activities down at forest school to use joining skills. 

In History we are starting a new topic all about George Stephenson and his rocket. We will be looking at how trains and railways have changed over time both locally and nationally. We are hoping to visit the local steam railway. 

In Geography we are moving onto looking at oceans and using our knowledge of the continents to help us. We have been practicing singing the continent and oceans song. 

In science we will be exploring animals including humans. We will be looking at grouping animals and comparing them. We will be exploring outside to see what animals we can see and if we can group them.

In RE we will be consolidating on our learning around Christians and Sikhs and looking at stories from the Bible and Guru Granth Sahib. 

Finally, as the move to prepare to move to Year 2 - we will slowly be engaging in less choosing time and more focused work as a whole class. We will of course still get some opportunities. 


Miss Milner, Mrs Edwards and Miss Walker all look forward to an exciting half term ahead and remember… keep practicing your sounds


Spring 2

Growing and Changing

This half term we will be focusing on our new topic ‘Growing and changing’. We are very excited that this half term we will be growing our own broad beans and growing our own butterflies from caterpillars.



We will be continuing with our Read, Write, Inc sessions.

In English we will be focusing on a variety of spelling rules and continuing with lots of narrative writing around growing and our broad bean planting. We will be writing lists and instruction to help others plant a broad bean and care for it.

In maths we will be continuing to follow White Rose Maths where we will be focusing on length & height and weight & volume. We will also be recapping all our learning so far at the end of term.


In Geography we will be looking at building a deeper knowledge of each continent by looking at each continent and comparing them. We will be looking at key landmarks, what the countries look like and what animals live there.

In History we are continuing to look at ‘Changes in Living Memory’ by looking into how transport, music and communication has changed and who can we asked about it.

In Art and in DT we are continuing with our topics from last term by focusing on food in art and healthy sandwiches.

We are lucky enough to be now using a new phonics scheme called Jigsaw which we are very enthusiastic to start. Our new scheme involved working alongside our class mascot Jack and Jerry.


I am looking forward to this term and all the exciting things we are going to be getting up to.

If you have any questions or concerns, please get in touch.

Miss Milner


Spring 1

Frozen Planet


In year 1 we have become fantastic little writers, we will be developing this over the next half term by looking at winter poems, non-fiction texts and using adjectives and nouns.


In Maths, we will continue to focus on number but with the numbers getting much bigger! Within this, we will look at one more and less, addition and subtraction, greater than and less than and just touching up on our number formation!



In science we are continuing to develop our understanding of seasons and exploring what the signs of each season would look like. Later in the term we are going to be focusing on the topic animals and humans.



In art, we will be looking at the fantastic artwork created by Giuseppe Arcimboldo. We will be exploring how he used food in his artwork and how we can use his artwork to inspire our artwork.  



In DT Class One will be exploring how we are can make healthy sandwich. Firstly, we will be doing research all about healthy food and finding out why we need to eat healthy food. We will then be evaluating healthy food by taste testing different fillings for our sandwich to see which we would like to use. Finally we will be making our healthy sandwich and practicing using tools safely.


taste testing different healthy foods to see which we want to put in our sandwich and evaluating


All in all, a very exciting term ahead! We hope that everybody has a lovely holiday and look forward to seeing everybody in January!


Happy New Year!

Miss Milner




Autumn 1



This half term year one have been focusing on the topic of Superheroes. We will be learning all about Superheroes through a few key texts including:

  • A Superhero poem
  • Supertato by Sue Hendra
  • Superworm by Julia Donaldson


In English we have be looking at using nouns, adjectives, and verbs within our writing. The children have been creating posters, lists, letters, and a wanted poster to catch the Evil Pea and make sure he doesn’t cause any more mischief! The children have created their very own Supertato using a real potato. During our Superworm topic the children created a party for Superworm to celebrate how helpful he is. We wrote a list of what things we need for the party, designed a cake, and even make some cakes for the party.

In maths we have been following White Rose where we have been focusing on place value and addition and subtraction this half term.



In year one we are lucky enough to have lots of resources within our classroom to support our learning. While some children work on a focus task other children will have the opportunity for ‘choosing time’ where they can explore the room and create ‘wow work’. The children are encouraged to explore different areas within the room to further their learning such as the writing area, maths area, role play area and creative area.

In Geography the children have been discussing where they live. We have looked at what town, country and continent we live in. To find this out we have explored all the different continents and learnt all about the oceans too. We have loved listening to the continent song on YouTube -



During Art the children have been exploring colour using paints and pencils, they have experimented creating think and thin lines using paint, mixing colours to create a colour wheel and creating different tones. In DT the children have been building their skills to sew a simple stich which is used on a Superhero cape. To aid use knowing what material would be best for our cape we have explored different everyday materials in science. The children have explored the different properties of materials and carried out different experiments to test the properties of the materials.



Autumn 2

Fizz Whizz Pop


This half term Class 1 are focusing on the topic ‘Fizz Whizz Pop’. We will be exploring bonfire night, magic, wizards and witches.


In English we will be focusing on the stories Room on the Broom and Winnie the Witch. We will explore the different characters in the stories, seeing if we can identify the author and illustrator and creating lots of lists and letters all about these stories.

In maths we are continuing to follow the White Rose scheme where our focus is exploring subtraction, shape and place value to 20.        


This half term we are continuing with our choosing time throughout the day and creating WOW work but we are now also working on WOW challenges during this time. Each week the children will complete 3 WOW challenges at their own pace during choosing time. This may be a maths challenge, writing challenge or a creative challenge.


During History we will be exploring our theme ‘Fizz Whizz Pop’ by looking at why and how we celebrate bonfire night and what Guy Fawkes did to create the celebration. We will be creating some firework pictures in Art by rolling marbles in paint to continue exploring colour.


In Geography we will be focusing on exploring the continents and oceans of the world still and listening to our favourite songs all about them. We love singing these songs during choosing time.


This half term we will begin the lead up to Christmas where we will be taking part in lots of fun Christmas themed activities. We are hoping we might get a visit from a naught elf who will inspire us to create lots of writing about what the elf gets up to. We will also be practicing our Christmas Nativity where we will practice our lines and learn out songs. During DT we will be exploring different way we can create a Christmas card, designing a card and creating one to take home to our families. We are really looking forward to creating lots of Christmas crafts in Class 1.


Miss Milner and Class 1 can’t wait for the half term ahead.

I hope you all have a wonderful Christmas and Happy New Year!

Miss Milner x