Lightmoor Village Primary School

Class 5

Miss Fitzpatrick's Class 2020/21

Welcome to Class 5


Autumn Term 1 2020

Class 5
Miss Fitzpatrick


What’s in the Wardrobe?

Welcome back to school! We have lots of exciting learning ahead this term. Our class text is The Lion, The witch and The Wardrobe, and we will be writing diaries, instructions, narratives and biographies.


Our science is Materials, where we will be investigating the best insulators for keeping the White Witch warm and our lunchboxes cold.


In Geography, we are learning all about rivers. We will be able to name the main events in the water cycle, use the index in an atlas to find rivers and describe the place in which the source of a river is found. We will be able to list some features of a river's course and some ways that rivers are used.

We shall be making, tasting and evaluating some tempting Turkish delight as a mini Design Technology project.

We are looking at art in nature and studying classical artists, such as Gainsborough; comparing these with modern artists such as Andy Goldsworthy. In particular, we will be studying trees and creating our fantasy tree pictures.

We are using Garageband to compose music with a fantasy theme for Narnia.

This half term’s PE is playing team-building games and Class 5 need to come in PE on Tuesdays.

We will be able to talk about clothes in French.

Autumn 2 - Class 5


Design & Technology/ Science
The Sky’s the Limit!
It’s all about flying in Class 5 in the second half of autumn term!
At the start of this term we shall be finishing our work on Narnia and Materials.

Class Novel: FArTHER by Grahame Barker-Smith and Carrie’s War by Nina Bawden

Our class novel is FArTHER by Grahame Barker-Smith, which explores the themes of dreams and aspirations; grief and loss. Class 5 will be exploring the history of flying, including crazy ideas behind flying machines; the drawings of Leonardo da Vinci and the first attempts at flying by the Wright brothers.

Our Science theme is Forces.
We shall be identifying forces and exploring the effects of gravity, air resistance, water resistance and friction. We will focus on the scientist Isaac Newton and his role in developing the theory of gravity.

Let’s Go Fly a Kite! In Design Technology, we will be looking at the history of kites and be able to name different structures. We shall be designing, making and testing our kites.

We are learning about World Wars as part of our History topic. We will be asking the enquiry question: Why do we have war memorials? This will take us on a walk to local war memorials where we will explore what information we can find out about the people who fought in a war.