Lightmoor Village Primary School

Class 5

Miss Fitzpatrick's Class 2019/20

Welcome to Class 5

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The Greeks

The key question is: Who were the ancient Greeks and how did they change the world?

  • Find out all about the history of the Greeks here:
  • For Geography, find out what Greece is like today. What do people who live there eat? What is the weather like? Name the capital and find out the names of some of the islands. Can you draw a map of Greece and label some of the places you would like to visit? Create a booklet/leaflet. Remember to include the Greek flag.



  • Art - Greek Vases try your hand at creating clay or plasticine pots and decorating them with Greek patterns. Be creative and draw, paint or make a Greek mythical creature.
  • Create your own Olympic event in your garden – choose different athletic events and challenge your family. Hold a ceremony for the winner!
  • The Greeks loved going to the theatre. Can you make a comedy/tragedy mask?
  • The ancient Greeks were great inventors! Find out about some of the scientific discoveries made during this time.
  • How about learning some simple phrases in Greek – be able to say hello, goodbye and ask how someone is.
  • If possible, teach yourself how to design a Greek house using Sketch up online.
  • There are 7 karaoke songs to learn based around the story of the Trojan Horse, called The Heroes of Troy :

The Greeks: Who Let The Gods Out?

Read different Greek Myths and have-a-go at writing your own, remembering to change the names of characters and all your punctuation and grammar.

and here:


Research different aspects of ancient Greek life and create a non-chronological report with headings, diagrams and labels.