Lightmoor Village Primary School


Autumn 1 - 2021

Class 4 – Miss Sutton 

This half-term, Class 4 will be taking a trek into the depths of the rainforest. 

English/Reading – The Explorer and The Great Kapok Tree.

  • Descriptions, repetitive stories, non-chronological reports, and poetry focusing on these incredible rainforest-based texts.

Science – living things and their habitats in the rainforest.

  • What is a habitat and how have the rainforest animals adapted to the rainforest? Grouping and classifying animals, food chains and the negative impact humans have on the rainforest.


  • Where are rainforests located, what they are like and who lives in rainforests (including animals, plants, and indigenous peoples).


  • Henri Rousseau.
  • Collaging
  • Practising new art techniques.


RE – Sacred buildings.

French – Animals and pets.

Computing – Staying safe online.

Music – Mamma Mia by Abba.

PSHE – Healthy bodies and healthy minds.

PE – Thursday (netball/basketball) and Friday (gymnastics).




Class 4 – Autumn 2

This half-term, Class 4 will be exploring the Ancient Egyptians. 

English/Reading – Literacy Shed videos (The Egyptian Pyramids and Tadoe Jones), The Egyptian Cinderella, The Scarab’s Secret and Secrets of a Sun King.

  • Diaries, adverts, storytelling, and newspaper reports.


Science – States of Matter

  • Solids, liquids, and gases – melting, freezing, evaporation and condensation. The Water Cycle.


  • Discovering what life was like during the Egyptian ere.


RE – A beautiful world.

DT – Basic skills / Egyptian masks.

French – Family.

Computing – Spreadsheets.

Music – Playing the glokenspiel.

PSHE – Bullying.

PE – Tuesday (swimming) and Thursday (tennis).


Class 4 – Spring 1

English/Reading – Crow Moon and Charlotte’s Web

  • Building suspense, character descriptions and poetry.


Maths – written multiplication and division and area.

Science – Electricity


History - Discovering what life was like during the Egyptian era.


Geography – Counties and cities in the UK.



RE – Why is Jesus inspiring?

DT – Electrical circuits

French – Clothes.

Computing – Spreadsheets.

Music – Rap ‘Stop!’.

PSHE – Respect Yourself topic.

PE – Thursday (Hockey) and Friday (Dance)