Lightmoor Village Primary School

Class 3 - 2020/21

Miss Azzopardi 


Autumn 1- class 3

In year 3 we are learning all about dragons! We have already done lots of exciting things about our topic and have much more to learn.

In English we are reading a book ‘The Boy Who Grew Dragons’, by Andy Shepherd. We are planning our own stories based on the book, writing non-chronological reports about dragons and writing diaries pretending we are the boy and how we would feel living with a dragon!

In maths we are learning all about place value, and how we can begin to add larger numbers together.

In art we are making our own dragon eyes out a clay! We will be designing them then making them for or class display. We will also be using water colours and looking at how we mix colours to create a dragon eye.

In geography we are focussing on countries and continents around the world, looking at their features and climate.

In science we are looking at animals including humans, how we are different and how we are the same.

We are also learning French in year 3, and have already learnt how to say; hello, what is your name, and my name is!


Spring 1 - 2021

Class 3


This half term the children have been learning all about The BFG by Roald Dahl. They have been learning to add extra detail into their work to make it more exciting for the reader. In maths they have been learning to multiply and divide and are getting much more confident in this area. The children have also been learning about our world and how to look after the planet. In geography they have been learning about countries of the U.K and in history they have learnt many facts about prehistoric animals and created their own timeline. The children also made lots of fun things in Art linked to the BFG, such as dream catchers, dream jars and their very own BFG!



Spring term 2- Class 3


This half term we are looking at The Iron Man by Ted Hughes.

In English we will be analysing poems and writing our own poem based on a well-known poem about robots. We will also be writing non-chronological reports, story writing and researching facts all about robots!


In art/D.T, we will be getting very creative and designing and making a robot! We will plan our design, making sure our robot stays upright, then use large boxes to make our very own Iron man!


In maths we will learning all about division and money linking it to the real world and recapping addition and subtraction.


In science we will be learning to grow our own plants, we will look at the features of a plant and dissect a plant. We will also look at the best environments to grow plants.


In history/geography we are looking at our local area, we will walk around Lightmoor looking at its key features and discussing how the area was developed.



PE- Wednesdays





Miss Azzopardi’s Class 3 Summer 1



In the summer term, we will be continuing to learn all about the story The Iron Man by Ted Hughes


We will be taking inspiration from the book to write a number of fiction and non-fiction texts, including: A character description, a diary entry and a poem to name a few.


This half term we will be learning all about Fractions. We will recap year 2 fractions before moving onto year 3 fractions.


In science, we will be focussing on Light. The children will carry out lots of investigations about light and its importance. They will also look at items that produce light.


In geography/history, we will be continuing to look at our local area using different maps of the Lightmoor area to investigate how Lightmoor has changed over the years. The children will also look at the squatter’s cottage and how it is an important part of Lightmoor’s heritage. 


In PE, we will be focusing on improving our football skills through practising passing, shooting and dribbling. The children will have many opportunities to practise these skills in games.





Miss Azzopardi’s Class 3 

Summer 2 - 2021

During Summer 2 term, we will be studying the classic text of Stig of the Dump by Clive King.


We will be taking inspiration from the book to write a number of fiction and non-fiction texts, including: A setting description of the dump, diary entries and non-chronological reports about the Stone Age.


We will begin this term by learning about mass, weighing objects and comparing their mass against other objects. We will also be learning about time and shape.  


In science, we will be learning all about forces and magnets and how magnetics work.


In history, we will be learning all about the Stone Age. How did people live back then? What did they eat? How do we know the information about them?


In Outdoor PE, we will be continuing learning the game of rounders and then looking at different athletic events.