Lightmoor Village Primary School




The Chris Quigley Essentials Curriculum is used for the teaching of Personal Development in all year groups KS1 and KS2. We follow the ‘skills’ described by Chris Quigley:  Try New Things, Work Hard, Concentrate, Push Yourself, Imagine, Improve, Understand Others, Don’t Give Up.
Personal development within each class is not taught as a discrete lesson, but rather permeates all areas of school life.  The skills above are displayed in the school hall and are present in some classrooms.  As a class teacher, it is important to share the aims and goals in each area with individual pupils in order to support their personal, emotional development, by seeking areas in which to improve. These areas will provide a ‘whole-school’ focus in creation of school codes of conduct and may be integrated into your own class-based rules and reward systems.  
Personal Development is taught on going through the whole curriculum and is used as a focus for assemblies and class assemblies on a Thursday Morning.  This area of the curriculum is currently being developed by our SMSC lead and our Deputy Headteacher.  For the first time we areintroducing the Loud Mouth Theatre for KS2 and ‘Expect Respect’. 
Please clink on the link below to see what each year group will cover.