Lightmoor Village Primary School



Miss Edwards & Mrs Hayward-Harris' Class- 2019-20

A BIG welcome to all parents and carers in Reception!

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In Reception, our current topic is ‘On the farm’. Here are a few ideas to continue and consolidate this learning:     

  • Write a list of animals you can find on a farm. Can you remember what their babies are called?
  • Choose your favourite farm animal and create a mask to wear. (don’t forget to take a picture to share with us)
  • Draw a picture of some different foods that farmers grow in their fields on a farm in the UK. Don’t forget to label them.
  • Read Little Red Hen
  • Wheat grows on farms. Have a look in your cupboards at home with a grown up. Can you find any foods that are made from wheat?
  • Can you follow a recipe to make some bread or a cake using flour?
  • Can you write down any words that rhyme with the word pig?
  • Read your favourite farm story and write a letter to the main character or your favourite animal.
  • Using an egg box (or 2) can you find all the number bonds for the numbers up to 10?  



Our next topic is ‘People who help us’. Some activities that you could complete at home to prepare for this topic are:

  • Make a poster of people who help us (Doctors, nurses, Fire Fighters, Police officers)
  • Research about emergency vehicles and what features they have (siren, Hosepipes, ladders, bright colours)
  • Can you design and make your own emergency vehicle? What features would you include? Don’t forget to label your design.  You could use an old cereal box, bottle top lids etc to make your vehicle.
  • Learn your address and practise what you would say if you were ever in an emergency and had to call 999.
  • Play dress up! Pretend to be a person who helps us. What would you do? What would you say?
  • Create a thank you card to send to someone who has helped you.
  • What 2d or 3d shapes can you find on emergency vehicles?
  • Learn the People who help us song