Lightmoor Village Primary School



Miss Robson Class- 2020-21

A BIG welcome to all parents and carers in Reception!

This half term our topic will be pirates, we will be focussing on the book 10 little pirates.
In literacy we will be developing pencil control using treasure maps, create wanted posters for the pirates that stole the treasure, label pirate ships, make signs to follow on a treasure island, draw and label our own treasure maps, sequence the ten little pirates and Jakes first day story and write messages in bottles.
In maths we will read, count and order the ten little pirates story, count objects in the treasure chest, order objects in size order from the treasure chest, dig for numbered treasure coins and order them, share treasure, coins, shells and flags equally between pirates, ships and buckets, count steps along the plank and receive orders from the captain, select, count and collect the correct number of objects. We will explore a range of shapes and use these to make pictures of pirate ships.



In our Physical development classes we will move around like pirates, play command games, complete a swashbucklers obstacle course, walk the plank, scrub the decks and complete a pirate yoga course. This will take place in our outside area.
Our Expressive arts and design work will cover Pirate ship collages, Sand art, Pirate hats, Pirate masks, designing a pirate flag, threading pirate jewellery, making a pirate ship, singing and play music to pirate songs and exploring under the sea textures in our tuff tray.

General information –
Your child will bring home a sound book each week, please practice this and send in to school for the next set of sounds to be stuck in.