Lightmoor Village Primary School


If you require paper copies of any polices or information on this website then please contact the school office.

Filename Size Date
Dealing with Complaints on Social Networking Sites.pdf 526.8KB 18/07/2023
Dealing with Persistant & Vexatious Complaints.pdf 659.8KB 18/07/2023
Careers guidance acesss statement 2020.pdf 325.3KB 18/07/2023
Using Reasonable Force.pdf 240.1KB 18/07/2023
Zero Tolerance Notice.pdf 194.6KB 18/07/2023
Schools Data Protection Policy 2020.pdf 767.5KB 18/07/2023
Covid-19 Reopening Child Protection Safeguarding Policy ... 415.3KB 18/07/2023
Charging & Remissions Policy 2020.pdf 194.0KB 18/07/2023
Privacy Notice 2020 - Pupils .pdf 321.4KB 18/07/2023
Freedom of Information Policy 2020.pdf 356.9KB 18/07/2023
Pupil Premium Policy 2020.pdf 196.0KB 18/07/2023
Breakfast Club Policy 2020.pdf 662.8KB 18/07/2023
Information Sharing Policy November 2020.pdf 742.3KB 18/07/2023
Remote learning statement v2.pdf 200.5KB 18/07/2023
Admissions Policy.pdf 235.9KB 18/07/2023
Complaints Policy & Procedure 2021.pdf 245.8KB 18/07/2023
Accessibility Plan 2021-2024 final.pdf 210.3KB 18/07/2023
Risk Assessment Lightmoor Updated 28.04.21.pdf 476.7KB 18/07/2023
Procedures for managing safeguarding concerns and allegat... 245.3KB 18/07/2023
SEND policy Spring 2021.pdf 533.2KB 18/07/2023
Data Retention Policy 2020.pdf 467.4KB 18/07/2023
GDPR-Records Management Policy 2019.pdf 545.3KB 18/07/2023
First Aid & Medication Policy 2021.pdf 275.3KB 18/07/2023
Risk Assessment Lightmoor Updated September 21.pdf 361.2KB 18/07/2023
Exclusion Policy 2020.pdf (1) 133.3KB 18/07/2023
Admissions Policy.pdf (1) 235.9KB 18/07/2023
Mental Health and Well being policy for staff.pdf 205.2KB 18/07/2023
2022 2023 Whistleblowing Policy and Procedure.pdf 289.0KB 18/07/2023
Anti -bullying Ppolicy 2022- 2023.pdf 142.2KB 18/07/2023
Behaviour Policy Autumn 2022.pdf 418.2KB 18/07/2023
School Visitors Policy and Procedures 2022 2023.pdf 129.0KB 18/07/2023
Equalities policy 2022 2023.pdf 350.7KB 18/07/2023
Managing low level concerns against staff Mar 23.pdf 491.0KB 18/07/2023
PSHE and RSE policy 2023.pdf 242.0KB 18/07/2023
Child on Child Abuse Policy 2023 2024.pdf 316.8KB 28/09/2023
Child Protection and Safeguarding Policy 2023-24.pdf 753.7KB 28/09/2023
Mobile and Smart Technology Policy 23 24.pdf 229.6KB 28/09/2023
Online Safety Policy 2023 2024.pdf 223.2KB 28/09/2023