Lightmoor Village Primary School

Class 2

Mr Walne 2019-20

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Doctors and Nursers

In year 2, our topic is going to be ‘Doctors and Nurses’ with a focus on history. Here are a few ideas to keep the children ticking over:

  • Research a famous doctor or nurse like Florence Nightingale or Mary Seacole.
  • Create a fact file/non-fiction text/biography/PowerPoint/acrostic poem about a famous nurse/doctor.
  • Compare doctors/nurses/hospitals from the past to now.
  • Think about other people that help us.
  • Write about how Florence Nightingale improved hospitals.
  • Create a ‘Florence Nightingale’ lamp out of paper. (similar to Chinese paper lanterns, there are templates online)
  • Write a role play of a patient and a doctor/nurse in hospital.
  • Learn some basic first aid.

In science, to link with our topic we are going to look at ourselves and keeping healthy. For this you could consider:

  • The importance of sleep, exercise, hygiene and a healthy mind.
  • Nutrition and creating healthy meals/lunches or even menus.

(Tricky due to current situation) Letting the children plan the food shop thinking about the foods they think should be bought and the money they have to spend (Maths).