Class 1

Mr Walne's Class 2017-18 



Happy New Year!


Spring Term 1 - 'FUNNYBONES!'

‘In a dark, dark school, there was a dark, dark classroom, In a dark, dark classroom, some children lived!’

This half term, Class 1 will be studying the ‘Funnybones’ selection of stories. We will read about the 3 characters from the story and all of the different places they visit. This will support the teaching of geography as we compare towns and the countryside among other places we can visit. In science, we will look at the skeleton and labelling bones and parts of the body. The books will also be used for our stimulus during our ‘Big Writes.’ We will also be doing some art that is related to the stories.

Due to the weather being very cold. I intend to do an extended indoor PE session on a Monday afternoon to make up for it. Please ensure the children have their kit for this session.

Stay tuned for pictures from the half term!





Autumn Term 2 - Here come the Elves!

Thank-you very much for visiting our exhibition for Roald Dahl’s ‘The Giraffe and the Pelly and ME.’ We thoroughly enjoyed making all of the things that you saw and learning about the story! We hoped you enjoyed snooping around our work and creations and of course meeting Gerry The Giraffe that was kindly lent to us by Hobbycraft Telford!


 This half term, Class 1 are being invaded by elves! Some helpful, some not so much!

We will be studying the story ‘The Elves and the Shoemaker’ and going further into the half term looking at how the elves help Santa get ready for Christmas! Alongside this we will be looking at why Christians celebrate Christmas whilst practising for the KS1 Nativity play! In science, we will be exploring materials and thinking about why elves make certain items out of specific materials. Towards Christmas, we hope to look at creating some decorations and cards to bring home to enjoy for Christmas! A very busy term but one we are excited for!

Due to our indoor PE slots being taken up by Nativity practise, I do still intend to do outdoor PE on a Friday afternoon even though the weather is getting colder. Please ensure children have suitable clothing for this!

Stay tuned for pictures from the half term!



Autumn 1— ’The Giraffe, The Pelly And Me!’ 

This half term we are going to be focusing on the book by Roald Dahl— ’The Giraffe, The Pelly And Me!’

During this, we will be looking at the different types of animals in science, creating safari scenes on ‘Scratch Jnr’ on the ipads and making some animal dances during indoor PE. In outdoor PE we will be focusing on teambuilding skills. Art work will be centred around ‘The Grubber’ from the story which can be seen at the end of this half term in our Roald Dahl exhibition. In English, we will be in our Read Write Inc groups from Monday to Thursday but we will be doing some big writes based on our story on Friday mornings! This as well as much more to come!

Stay tuned here for pictures from our first half term in class 1!

Indoor PE—Monday afternoons

Outdoor PE—Friday afternoons. 


 Homework book - letter to Parents.