Class 2

Year 2 - Miss Edwards & Mrs Aichison 2017-18


Spring Term 1


This half term we will be learning about the Great fire of London.



Our writing, science, maths and history will be linked as much as possible!


It will give us lots of ideas to support our hard work leading up to our SATs in the summer term.




Indoor: Tuesday

Outdoor: Thursday



We will continue to give out homework on a Monday.

This will be spellings and then usually a maths and spag activity also.


Class 2 are brilliant at handing in their homework so keep it up!

The children are always encouraged to do extra bits of homework and will get rewarded for this!


Autumn Term 2



This half term, our topic is Dinosaurs. For the first few weeks we will focusing on the ‘Dinosaur that Pooped…’ stories and ‘Harry and his Bucketful of Dinosaurs’ books.

In the lead up to Christmas, we will begin to read the ‘Christmasaurus’ and our work will be based on this.





In English this half term we are having a big push on getting the basics perfect in our writing.

For example: capital letters for names, places and starts of sentences

                        Full stops/?/! in the right place

                        Letters formed properly

                        Sentences being interesting and making sense.


We will do this through learning about dinosaurs, e.g making non-fiction books, describing dinosaurs, retelling dinosaur stories.



In maths this half term we will be focusing on:

  • Subtraction
  • Money
  • Multiplication
  • Division


This will be done with a link to our dinosaur topic as much as possible and the children will be given regular opportunities to work in groups/partners to solve maths problems. 

We will be using some afternoon sessions to prepare for our Christmas play “Christmas with the Aliens”. 

Other afternoons will be spent doing music, geography and science.



Please continue to read with your children as much as possible (every night – if possible!). This is not only useful in terms of increasing their fluency, but also allows them to recognise writing techniques within texts. E.g. finding the capital letters, full stops, nouns, adjectives….


Each week your child will receive spellings to practise at home. If you would like any ideas of how to support this practise do not hesitate to let me know!


From this half term, I will be setting up maths times tables challenges. By the end of year 2 all children should know the multiplication and division facts for their 10, 5 and 2 times tables.

We have been playing this game lots in class so feel free to encourage your child to practise:


Autumn Term 1



This half term our topic will be George’s Marvellous Medicine (in line with the whole school Roald Dahl project).

Our learning will link to George’s Marvellous Medicine by:

- Describing the characters
- Making our own potions
- Learning about important historical people (linked to medicine)
- Making a class art project



8.40am – Children in – Morning activities
8.50am  - Register
9am – Maths
10am – Break time
10.25am – Assembly
10.40am – English
11.40am – Spelling and Grammar intervention (whole class and small groups)
11.55am – Lunch
12.45pm – Guided Reading
1.15pm – Afternoon topic session
2.30pm – Spelling/Handwriting intervention
2.45pm – Maths intervention (whole class and small groups)
3.10pm – End of the day 


Indoor PE – Tuesday
Outdoor PE – Thursday
You child should bring their PE kit every Monday and take it home on a Friday.
All PE kit should have appropriate shoes (pumps for inside, trainers for outside) and everything should be named.


• As your child is now in year 2, we are promoting independence in as many ways as possible…
• All children are encouraged to come into the classroom by themselves (unless you need to speak to an adult at the door)
• Of course we will support where necessary, however on the whole, the children will be encouraged to look after their own belongings.
We will be working on being resilient learners and not giving up when things get tricky   


• Your child will make lots of progress in year 2, to support this, please encourage  them to complete their homework.
• Each week your child will be given:
• Spellings
• Maths challenges
• Optional writing challenges

Please read with your child as much as possible at home and write a comment in their yellow reading record.


Every Monday your child will be tested on their spellings and given new ones for the next week.
Please work with your child to practise these spellings.
If you want new ways of practising these spellings let me know! 


• As a class, we have written our own class rules.
• Should your child follow these rules, they will get lots of stars on their star chart!
• When your child gets 10 stars, they get a bigger star in their ‘bucket’.
• There is a bucket for each house in school and your child knows which house they are in! 

If you ever have any concerns or questions, do not hesitate to speak to us at the door in the morning or organise a meeting after school 
Thanks, in advance for your support.