Class 2

Miss Azzopardi & Mrs Hayward-Harris 2018-19


Summer term 2 - 2019

This half term we are learning all about dinosaurs. We have an exciting trip on the first week back to a dinosaur museum in Shrewsbury. The children will spend the day learning about dinosaurs, becoming palaeontologist and taking part in digging for fossils.

In music we will be creating our own dinosaur music and performing it to other children.

In English we will be writing our own non-chronological reports on dinosaurs and learning all about where, why and how dinosaurs existed. We will spend time analysing fossils and dinosaur bones and learning why dinosaurs became extinct.

In maths we will be learning all about fractions, place vale, subtraction and linking this to dinosaurs.

In science we will be learning all about space and looking at the Earth, the sun and the moon. We will look at why Erath has 365 days and looking and the planets in our solar system. We will also look herbivores, carnivores and omnivores and linking this to dinosaurs.

In History we will be creating a timeline of when dinosaurs existed and what happened to them. We will be creating fact files about dinosaurs and looking at the similarities and differences between dinosaurs.