Class 2

Year 2 - Miss Edwards & Mrs Aichison 2017-18


Summer Term 1


Next half term, in addition to preparing for our year 2 SATs, our topic will be Inside Out!



We can’t wait to link all of our learning to the popular Disney film!


Writing opportunities:

  • Writing letters
  • Writing diaries
  • Writing reports about locations
  • Writing stories using the characters
  • Writing poems (like Bing Bong!)


Maths opportunities

  • 3D shapes – rolling core memories.
  • Measurement – the size of the characters - what size would they have to be to fit inside of your head? W
  • Time – car journey to their new house
  • Measure - Luggage on top of car when moving – how heavy/light? How much can they fit in?


We will be also learning about Geography, Computing, PE and science, linking to our topic as much as possible.



Homework will continue to be given out and returned on a Monday.

Children who read daily will receive a reward on their chart.

Children who choose to do any extra homework will receive a reward on their chart! J



Indoor: Tuesday PM

Outdoor: Thursday PM


Please ensure children come with their full PE kit. This includes trainers/pumps.


Spring Term 2


This half term we have been completing our work on the Great Fire of London!


For World Book Day, we began to learn about the book ‘The Journey’. We really enjoyed this book, so we did lots of exciting writing and art based on it for a few weeks.



Spring Term 1


This half term we will be learning about the Great fire of London.



Our writing, science, maths and history will be linked as much as possible!


It will give us lots of ideas to support our hard work leading up to our SATs in the summer term.




Indoor: Tuesday

Outdoor: Thursday



We will continue to give out homework on a Monday.

This will be spellings and then usually a maths and spag activity also.


Class 2 are brilliant at handing in their homework so keep it up!

The children are always encouraged to do extra bits of homework and will get rewarded for this!


If you ever have any concerns or questions, do not hesitate to speak to us at the door in the morning or organise a meeting after school 
Thanks, in advance for your support.