Lightmoor Village Primary School

Home Working Resources

Home Working Resources


Oxford Owl -

+ Click on ‘enter site’ for Oxford Owl for home

+ Then click on browse ebooks

+ Select the age of your child.

+ Then click on levels 

+ Then click on book band and select the coloured level book to match their home reading book level from school.

Pupils that are ‘free readers’ and off the book band scheme can always select the years above eg 9-11 and read some of the more advance texts.


Spellings - 
Year 1 + 2 Words to Read and Spell
Year 3 + 4 Words to Read and Spell
Year 5 + 6 Words to Read and Spell



Top Marks -

+ Click browse by subject and scroll down to maths, then select age group and click Key Stage Two. 
+ Continue with Timetable Rock Stars


I See Maths -
+ Every weekday at 9am, two new lessons will be posted on this page via YouTube: one aimed at children in Y3&4 and another for Y5&6. Each video will help children to build the skills needed for the main task. Then children can complete the main task – a challenge or short series of questions – working individually or with adult support. Answers will be provided! The first videos/tasks will be uploaded on Monday 23rd March


White Rose Maths - 

+ Click on home learning where there are videos of maths activities for every year group from Reception to Year 6