Class 6

Mr Copsey's Class 2018/19

Class 6

Autumn 1

Topic- The Wizard of Oz




This half-term we will be completing the following in our lessons around the Wizard of Oz.

Descriptive Writing

Play scripts



Role play

Newspaper reports



In science, we will be looking at the human body and more specifically, the circulatory system.

We will be looking at the heart in detail and creating our own hearts for the Tinman!



In geography, we will be looking at the human and physical aspects of American states (including Kansas)

We will discuss where the land of Oz could be and doing a case study on the Grand Canyon.



In preparation for the fantasy exhibition, we will be creating the following:

A yellow brick road

Portraits of the different characters.

A 3D model of munchkin land.

Pictures of flowers and plants from the land of Oz.

Computer aided designs of the Emerald City.



Indoor P.E Focus- Gymnastics

Outdoor P.E Focus- Team-building activities.