Class 6

Mrs Roberts' Class 2017-18


Summer Term 1


This half-term our subject focuses are English, History and Geography.  



Also, this half-term, year 6 will be preparing for SATs which begin on Monday 14th May. I will need the children to bring in their SAT revision books so that we can revise and prepare for the tests. I will advise them weekly of which books to bring in (I don’t want them to carry all of them in their bags).


Parents’ Meeting

A meeting regarding SATs will be held for parents/carers on Thursday 19th April at 3:30p.m.


This half-term we will be identifying, describing and discussing similarities between two texts:

‘The Arrival’ by Shaun Tan                                                    ‘The Island’ by Armin Greder



We will explore ‘The Arrival’ to inspire creative writing and artwork. This wordless picture book invites readers to explore strange new world in the company of a migrant who must leave his family and everything he’s ever known to make the long and difficult journey to another land.

Through the study of the acclaimed illustrated book ‘The Island’, the children will study the concepts of refugees and how society reacts to ‘strangers’ arriving in their midst.



In history we will study an aspect in British history that extends the pupils’ chronological knowledge beyond 1066. We will consider the issues surrounding immigration in the UK from 1948 onwards.



In geography, we will look at human geography including types of settlement and land-use, economic activity including trade links and the distribution of natural resources. We will learn to understand the areas of the world affected by refugee crisis and the movement of people and goods.



Swimming lessons will take place at Abraham Darby on Monday afternoon. Please ensure your child has trunks/swimming costume and towel in on that day.


Thank you for your continued support.


Reflections of Spring Term: reported by Millie Wells

This term we have learnt lots of new things about our amazing earth. We have presented reports about different extreme weathers. We have also researched about earthquakes and volcanoes. Did you know that, there are over 1500 active volcanoes? However, there are probably millions in the world that are not expected to erupt any time soon.

Twisting tornadoes were produced in Art, shading and tone were explored. We visited Telford Langley School to use their D.T department. We made clay models which were fired after we had used air-drying clay at school. We researched how these animals adapted to live in their environments. After research, we decided to create our own habitats which looked amazing. As part of work on evolution and inheritance, we learnt about famous people such as Charles Darwin and Mary Anning.

As part of world Book Day, the whole school explored the text – Journey by Aaron Becker. We wrote descriptive settings, a narrative and drama without using speech. We also wrote our own poems. Come and have a look at the display of our work in the entrance hallway.

However, the highlight of the spring term was travelling a full 4 hours to and from Arthog. We did team games, rock climbing, raft building, gorge walking, nightline and a night walk. All of these activities were very wet (especially the gorge walking and night walk). The food was scrummy as well. We all returned shattered and slept well in our own beds.