Miss Robson's Class- 2018-19

A BIG welcome to all parents and carers in Reception!

 Summer 1


This half term our topic is the land before time! Throughout this topic we will be learning all about the prehistoric world and dinosaurs.


In maths we will be counting and ordering numbered footprints, measuring footprints, ordering and weighing different sized dinosaurs and solving simple addition and subtraction problems including doubling and halving.

In literacy we will be drawing, naming and labelling dinosaurs, we will be using the small word and role play area to act out dinosaur stories and use this as a stimulus to write our own short stories, create dinosaur fact files and report upon mysterious eggs that will appear and hatch in our classroom!


After exploring habitats we will design, create and build a suitable home for a dinosaur. We will work as a class to create a collaborative piece of artwork to put up on display.

After exploring a range of media we will discuss how art work and music can make us feel, discuss our feelings when listening to different genres of music and paint / draw a picture to reflect this.

To enhance our learning about dinosaurs and their habitats we will explore the meanings of carnivores, herbivores and omnivores and sort our dinosaurs into the correct group. Following this we will have a range of samples to investigate to see if we can help a confused explorer find out which dinosaurs made a mess of his base camp! Using this explorer as inspiration we will test our teamwork skills when we accept the challenge of building the best explorers base camp.