Miss Azzopardi’s Class- 2017-18

A BIG welcome to all parents and carers in Reception!


Summer Term 1

Our topic next half term will be ‘Down on the Farm’.



We will be learning all about the life cycle of a caterpillar and we will have some tiny caterpillars arrive in our class and we will watch them grow into beautiful, big butterflies which we will then release.

 We will have our very own farm shop in the classroom where we will be learning all about money in maths, animals and their young, food we can get from animals and the life of a farmer.

 We will also be taking a trip to a local farm where we will be getting up close and personal with all the animals we have been learning about! 

We will be doing lots of writing about our favourite animals, writing to a farmer and in maths collecting data to see which is favourite farm animal. 

We will also get creative and use a range of art materials to create our very own farm animals to put on display.


Spring Term 2


This half term in Reception we are learning all about Toy Story.



Over the next term we will be learning lots and working hard. We will be:


  • Making cards for Jessie and making cakes for Jessie
  • Writing a shopping list
  • SMSC- what are birthdays? Why do we celebrate them? What do they mean?
  • Maths- ordering objects by length- comparing length of the characters toys
  • Rex discovers a bone in garden area? Research on computers all about dinosaurs ,talk about how computers will give us information (ICT)
  • Maths- simple practical addition linked to more toys arriving
  • A toy has arrived from Bonnie all wrapped up- what could it be? Feel toy and make a prediction
  • Invite Mrs Potato head to learn all about where we live- look at lightmoor on Google
  • SMSC- Mrs Potato head is new in our class, what if it was a new child starting? What would we say to them ask/what might they want to know about our school/class?
  • ICT- Take photos of Mrs Potato head an other toys to show Bonnie that they are ok
  • Buzz will travel to space- taste Space food
  • Maths- ordering – DOTW/ daily routine/ planets?
  • Look at planet earth and other planets- how do they compare?
  • Make papier mache planets
  • Junk modeling- make space ship for Buzz to visit his friends
  • Make aliens – green playdough
  • PE- landing on space CD how can we travel on certain planets? Eg: jump on Mars? Skip on Jupiter?
  • SMSC- Hot seating a child to be Buzz- ask questions eg: what was your favourite planet and why?
  • Lotso has come into the class and taken Woody- write wanted posters
  • SMSC- feelings/taking toys off other children?
  • Maths- simple practical subtraction linked to Losto taking toys away
  • Invite Lotso to stay in class if he follows are rules?
  • Debate- Shall we tell Bonnie that Lotso has taken Woody? Why/why not?
  • Elsa has frozen the toys soldiers in ice! Where would be the best place the melt the ice the quickest? (science)


and lots, lots more! Stay tuned for lots of photos!