Miss Robson's Class- 2018-19

A BIG welcome to all parents and carers in Reception!

 Spring 1

This half term our topic is fairy tales, we will read a range of fairy tales including the three little pigs, Jack and the beanstalk, Hansel and Gretel and Goldilocks and the three bears.


In literacy we will develop our pencil control using story maps, create wanted posters to catch the wolf and giant, think about what the pigs might say and write this in speech bubbles, design and build houses a range of fairy-tale houses and label them and design own characters and label well known ones.

In Maths we will use Goldilocks and the three bears as a focus to measure, weigh and compare bowls of porridge, size of beds, chairs and bears. We will use the three little pigs to look at ordinal numbers, 1st, 2nd and 3rd and look at sequencing and ordering. Jack and the beanstalk will provide a focus to explore measurements including the growth of the beanstalks that we will be planting and the size of the giant’s footprint. When reading Hansel and Gretel we will use sweet treats as a focus to introduce one more and one less than.

We will plant and grow our own beanstalks, explore what plants need to grow and determine factors that help them to grow and prevent them from growing. We will use our senses to help us find the best porridge, exploring temperature, smell and topping flavours. We will go on a walk in our local area to collect natural materials and use these to design and build the strongest house. We will then look at a range of materials and explore the meaning of man-made and natural materials and sort a selection.