Lightmoor Village Primary School

Home Working Resources

Home Working Resources


Oxford Owl -

+ Click on ‘enter site’ for Oxford Owl for home

+ Then click on browse ebooks

+ Select the age of your child.

+ Then click on levels and select ‘Read, write, inc level’ at the bottom of the options.

+ There will then be drop down where you can select the correct colour book to match with their home reading read write inc book from school.

Use the sounds at the start of the e book to practise each day.


Phonics Play -

+ Click free phonics play

+ Play games selecting phase 2. If they are confident with these move to phase 3 level on the games.


Spellings - 
Reception Words to Read and Spell
Year 1 + 2 Words to Read and Spell


Top Marks -

+ Click browse by subject and scroll down to maths, then select age group and click Early Years. 

White Rose Maths - 

+ Click on home learning where there are videos of maths activities for every year group from Reception to Year 6