Class 3

Mr Copsey’s Class 2017-18


Spring Term 1 - Money, Money, Money - (History and D.T Focus)



The text we are focussing on this term is Billionaire Boy by David Walliams.

We will be writing diary entries, newspaper reports, menus, reports and lots of other forms of writing.





We will look at where money began and why money is important today.

We will focus on lifestyles of the rich and the poor and how that has changed throughout history.





Using our electrical equipment, we will look at series and parallel circuits. This will lead onto making alarms suitable for a mini-bank!



(Forces and Magnets)



L’Argent de Poche (Pocket Money)



Autumn Term 2 - The Real Flintstones (The Stone Age)

This term we will be learning about the Stone Age.

We will begin by looking at where the Stone Age is situated in history before looking at the lifestyle of the first humans who lived during this period.


Science - Rocks


Below are the national curriculum objectives we will be looking at:

  • Compare and group together different kinds of rocks on the basis of their simple, physical properties.
  • Relate the simple physical properties of some rocks to their formation (igneous or sedimentary).
  • Describe in simple terms how fossils are formed when things that have lived are trapped within sedimentary rock.

We will look specifically at fossils linked to the stone age and also the science involved with volcanoes.


Art- Cave Paintings and Stone Age artefacts.


In Art we will be looking at and producing our own cave paintings.

We will also look at creating some stone age jewellery and creating our own versions of Stone Henge using clay.


English- Stig of the Dump


‘Stig of the Dump’ will be our main text that our work in English is based on.

We will be doing descriptive writing, predictions and a sequel to the book.





Autumn Term 1- Fantastic Mr Fox


This term every year group is focussing on a different book by the author, Roald Dahl.

In Class 3 our work will be linked to Fantastic Mr Fox.



English Writing Opportunities


Character Descriptions.

Creating our own sequel.

Instructions on how to catch Mr Fox.

Newspaper report based on the missing chickens.

Report writing on fox’s and their habitats.

Debate on whether fox hunting should be banned.


Maths Focus


Addition and Subtraction- Counting the farmer’s animals

Measuring- Measuring capacities to create Bean’s cider.


Science Focus


Animals including humans.

Investigating habitats.

What do we eat? What do animals eat?

Food groups.


Geography Focus

Local Area Study- Where do we live?

What did Lightmoor look like in the past?

What would Mr Fox’s den look like underground?


Art Focus

Painting and Patterns

Painting fox masks

Creating the ‘Big Feast’

Making a fox’s den