Lightmoor Village Primary School



Miss Robson Class- 2020-21

A BIG welcome to all parents and carers in Reception!

This half term our topic will be pirates, we will be focussing on the book 10 little pirates.
In literacy we will be developing pencil control using treasure maps, create wanted posters for the pirates that stole the treasure, label pirate ships, make signs to follow on a treasure island, draw and label our own treasure maps, sequence the ten little pirates and Jakes first day story and write messages in bottles.
In maths we will read, count and order the ten little pirates story, count objects in the treasure chest, order objects in size order from the treasure chest, dig for numbered treasure coins and order them, share treasure, coins, shells and flags equally between pirates, ships and buckets, count steps along the plank and receive orders from the captain, select, count and collect the correct number of objects. We will explore a range of shapes and use these to make pictures of pirate ships.



In our Physical development classes we will move around like pirates, play command games, complete a swashbucklers obstacle course, walk the plank, scrub the decks and complete a pirate yoga course. This will take place in our outside area.
Our Expressive arts and design work will cover Pirate ship collages, Sand art, Pirate hats, Pirate masks, designing a pirate flag, threading pirate jewellery, making a pirate ship, singing and play music to pirate songs and exploring under the sea textures in our tuff tray.

General information –
Your child will bring home a sound book each week, please practice this and send in to school for the next set of sounds to be stuck in.



Reception Class - Spring 2 

This half term we will continue to explore fairy tales, we will have a particular focus on The Gingerbread Man and Little Red Riding Hood.


In Maths, we will be securing our number knowledge by matching numeral to quantity when placing buttons on gingerbread people, solving halving and doubling problems using the buttons, measuring and comparing when baking and helping Red Riding Hood solve addition and subtraction problems, when packing her basket to take to Grandma.

In English, we will continue to develop our reading, writing, communication and language skills. We will be creating story maps and use our phonics knowledge to write labels and captions to match each section. We will be changing the plot of the story and acting out our own narratives. We will revisit our set one sounds and then learn our set two sounds, we will continue to develop our blending skills in reading and work towards being able to hear, say and write each sound in our writing. We will be using gingerbread as a base to create a sensory story, and will use all of our senses to help to build a word bank of vocabulary to describe our experiences.

In expressive art and design and understanding of the world, we will be designing and making our own gingerbread people and a new cape for Red Riding Hood. We will explore a range of materials and complete some experiments and observe what happens to the items we have made. To support our personal, social and emotional development, we will revisit how to express our feelings using the ‘zones’, explore the importance of building positive relationships and explore the meaning of right and wrong, in relation to the characters of our stories. To support our physical development, we will be developing out skills of agility, taking part in a range of agility tasks and developing our movement skills.

PE will be on Wednesdays, please come in your PE kit.





Reception - Summer 1

This half term our topic is the land before time! Throughout this topic we will be learning all about the prehistoric world and dinosaurs.




In maths we will be counting and ordering numbered footprints, measuring footprints, ordering and weighing different sized dinosaurs and solving simple addition and subtraction problems including doubling and halving.

In literacy we will be drawing, naming and labelling dinosaurs, we will be using the small word and role play area to act out dinosaur stories and use this as a stimulus to write our own short stories, create dinosaur fact files and report upon mysterious eggs that will appear and hatch in our classroom!



After exploring habitats we will design, create and build a suitable home for a dinosaur. We will work as a class to create a collaborative piece of artwork to put up on display.

After exploring a range of media we will discuss how art work and music can make us feel, discuss our feelings when listening to different genres of music and paint / draw a picture to reflect this.

To enhance our learning about dinosaurs and their habitats we will explore the meanings of carnivores, herbivores and omnivores and sort our dinosaurs into the correct group. Following this we will have a range of samples to investigate to see if we can help a confused explorer find out which dinosaurs made a mess of his base camp! Using this explorer as inspiration we will test our teamwork skills when we accept the challenge of building the best explorers base camp.



Reception class - Summer 2 

This half term our topic will be at the farm.

In literacy, we will be reading a range of fiction and non-fiction books linked to farms and farmyard animals. We will use these as inspiration to write our own farmyard tales. We will explore a range of farmyard animals and use the information we find to write our own fact sheets. We will use our phonics knowledge to label pictures and maps of a farm, and we will write a letter to farmer, asking for information on any areas of particular interest about life on the farm. We will be solving riddles by reading and listening carefully to clues surrounding animals, we will then develop our language and vocabulary skills by describing farm animals without naming them to see if others can guess.


In maths we will continue to solve problems involving doubling and halving, we will be helping a farmer work out how many animals he can keep in his fields by solving simple additions and subtractions. We will begin to explore sharing equally and will be introducing the use of tens frames and the whole part model. We will begin to learn our number bonds within five and ten and represent these practically.

In understanding of the world, we will look at farm animals and their young-. We will be naming adults and linking them to their babies, and will explore the questions; why are animals important to us? What do we get from animals?  What is the job of a farmer? Where is our nearest farm? What does it look like? We will locate nearest farm using ICT and explore the sights and sounds. We will explore life cycles of animals and plants.

To support Personal, Social and Emotional Development, we will engage in a range of discussions, including if we believe farms a good thing? Why/why not? What animals would we have on our farm? Why? What vegetables are grown on a farm? Why are vegetables good for us?

In Expressive Art and Design, we will be making animals college using a range of materials, we will be making models of our own farm house using a range of junk modelling resources and joining materials. The children will have access to a farm shop role play area, where they will have the opportunity to act our narratives based upon real life experiences, select the products they would like to sell, the outfits they would like to wear, the prices and money of items, design signs and labels and convince others to buy their produce.


PE will continue each Wednesday, this half term we will be focussing on taking part in group games and will continue to develop our throwing, catching and controlling of balls.