Lightmoor Village Primary School

Welcome to Maths at Lightmoor

At Lightmoor we want pupils to understand mathematics as having relevance in their own lives and in the world in general, recognising that mathematics will be used constantly to help them to solve problems they meet in everyday life.


‘Mathematics is, in its own way, the poetry of logical ideas.’

- Albert Einstein


Our aim is to equip all pupils with the skills and confidence to solve a wide range of mathematical problems which are built upon during a child’s time at Lightmoor.  We aim to create a platform whereby children are able to reason mathematically while understanding the interconnected ideas and patterns that encapsulate being a mathematician. Teaching is able to facilitate this by first empowering pupils with key mathematical skills before providing opportunities to apply these skills in a variety of stimulating contexts. It is our drive here at Lightmoor to ensure that our learning in mathematics is real and meaningful for our pupils and that it is as creative and practical as possible. We aim to bring learning to life as a strategy for helping our children embed their learning and to help them to ‘know more and to remember more!’

Regular review of high expectations will promote excellent progress and continue to develop a love for the subject. Mathematical curiosity will become evident as a bi-product of this practice.






Mathematics Lead: Miss Azzopardi


What Maths looks like at Lightmoor

Maths Progression Grids (Reception to Year 6)